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Stories and experiences of the people of IBAB as they embark on their journey at an institute excelling in education, knowledge and research.



A whole new beginning.

Hey! I’m Chondamma, a student of batch MSc 09 at the Institute of Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology (IBAB), and this is where I will be sharing snippets of my life at the institute. This post is meant to share a little bit about the campus life, people and the experiences that you can have as a student of IBAB.  Read more...


Hitchhiker’s guide to surviving a year at IBAB

Don’t panic, you will be alright! The first rule to remember is, IBAB is an institute and not a college.  With around 100 post-graduate students at any given time, it is a small world unto itself and you can really get to know everyone. Read more...


Learning Biology in an Electronic City

IBAB was one of the few institutions that met my standards in both( and my reference was IISER-Pune). Nestled in a quiet little corner of India’s IT hub, was this unassuming organization making significant strides in its pursuit of success. It wasn’t the infrastructure or the placements that impressed me(I had been through better), it was the professors and the way they carried themselves. Read more...


A whole new beginning.

Chondamma B. V.
MSc 09

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