The Bharat-Boston Bioscience Beginnings (B4) Program, is a program funded by Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Government of India (GoI) as a second phase of the earlier “Boston Bangalore Biosciences Beginnings (B4) Program”. The Lakshmi Mittal and Family South Asia Institute, Harvard University (Mittal Institute), is collaborating with IBAB, Bengaluru, India and IISER, Pune, India for the implementation of this program. The aim of B4 is to link up institutions in India and Boston to promote research and the creation of new knowledge in the the emerging areas of the biosciences through collaboration between the two countries.

In phase II of B4, DBT sanctioned a 2-year grant on June 22, 2018, with funds for the following activities each year:

1.    Up to eight Science and Technology Fellowships for eighteen months in the fields related to biosciences at Harvard and other institutions in the Boston area;

2.    Two workshops (the Young Scientists Development Courses) annually, each for a fortnight on topics related to the biosciences that includes interdisciplinary learning for young scientists in India;

3.    Two seminars annually, each held in a city in India.

The B4 Program Management Committee (PMC) members are:

i.        Prof. Gaiti Hasan, NCBS, Bengaluru

ii.        Prof. Rajesh Gokhale, NII, New Delhi

iii.        Prof. Praveen Verma (DBT Nominee), NIPGR, New Delhi

iv.        Prof. Rupesh Chaturvedi  (DBT Nominee), JNU, New Delhi

v.        Prof. Sanjeev Galande, IISER, Pune

vi.        Prof. Venkatesh N Murthy, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

vii.        Prof. H Subramanya, IBAB, Bengaluru

Ms. Savitha G Ananth is the B4 Program Manager in India.