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Testimonials from ex-students
  • “I have successfully finished my internship, from Universite de la Reunion, I am very grateful to you for whatever I am now and thank everyone in IBAB for their unending willingness in making me a good student.”
  • “IBAB has played a very crucial role in shaping my career. Thank you for all the insight and encouragement that helped me choose this career path.”
  • “IBAB actually helped to transform us into better human beings! We could step out in the world as wiser and confident individuals. The fun filled hostel life and the lifelong friends too are IBAB’s gift to us. I could have expected nothing better.”
Fees for the MSc course

Being a government supported institution; the education at IBAB is subsidized.  Nevertheless, students are required to pay three types of fees, namely tuition fees, Bangalore University fees and hotel fees as per the schedule given below.

(These fees are for students from India. NRI students please note the differences in fees  mentioned below.)

There are 3 sets of fees, described below.  Please note the amounts and the pay-by dates. Almost all fees have to be paid to IBAB’s finance section. However, the Dining Hall fees which have to be paid to the caterer.  There are penalties for late payment of the various fees.

Note: Admission is liable to be cancelled if any fraudulent records are found even after securing admission. Any fees paid already will not be refunded.

No. What How much By when


First installment Rs. 56,300/- (includes tuition fees for I sem + Laboratory fees)  20 Jul 2019


Security Deposit Rs. 20,000/- (refundable only on completion of the course)  16 Jul 2019


Second installment Rs. 56,300/-  02 Jan 2020


Third installment Rs. 56,300/-  02 Aug 2020


Fourth installment Rs. 56,300/-  02 Jan 2021


Identity Card Rs. 150/-  While joining


Duplicate ID Card Rs. 100/-  If necessary

(For NRIs and students from industrialized countries, installments of fee is Rs. 85,000/- and Security Deposit is Rs. 30,000/-.  All other fees on this page remain the same.)

Bangalore University Fees (Payable to Bangalore University)
Fees Semesters
Indian Students NRI students Indian & NRI students
1 Registration Fee  (One time payment)
2 Eligibility Fee (One time payment)
3 Special fee
4 Examination Fee
5 Marks card Fee
6 Per Paper with Practical   (Repeat Exam Fee)
7 Per Paper without Practical  (Repeat Exam Fee)


1. # Eligibility  fee is not applicable to Karnataka students.

2. * Bangalore University fees is subject to change if there is revision by the Bangalore University, Bengaluru.

No What When How much


Hostel Once in 3 months, by 5th of month Rs. 1000/- per month


Dining hall For 30 days, by 5th of month Rs. 2700/- per month
For 31 days, by 5th of month Rs. 2790/- per month
For 28 or 29 days, by 5th of month Proportionately

Note: The dining hall fees have to be paid to the caterer.

KINDLY NOTE: The current fee structure may change from time to time